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Unhappy family with grandparents and kids having financial problems
How can I support my senior parents and whole family without feeling overwhelmed?
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As a senior, my finances are so complicated especially with medical and Medicare bills. How can I get help?

Can Mom and Dad age safely at home?

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Whether you’re the spouse of a senior facing health issues, the child of an aging parent or a family member, you want to enjoy your life together without the stress and worry of care-giving, navigating the healthcare system or managing finances.

Perhaps you have a senior parent, grandparents or elderly relatives in New Mexico, and you live too far away to be actively involved in the day-to-day care and oversight you wish you could provide. How can you be sure your loved ones are cared for… the way you would care for them if you could?

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Medical care and insurance. Day-to-day financial management. Legal decisions. Aging at home vs. assisted living. Deterioration of physical and mental capabilities. Transitioning out of a hospital or rehab stay.

The challenges of caring for your aging loved ones living in New Mexico can be overwhelming whether you’re navigating these issues for the first or third time. You want to honor who they are and enable them to continue to live full lives, yet their health and physical abilities have changed. When roles change—when you become the caregiver to your parents or loved one—emotions escalate, and the enormity of the situation causes great stress for everyone.

The Care Management of New Mexico supports you and preserves the dignity, autonomy, and quality of life for you and the senior adults in your life.

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The Care Management Group of New Mexico simplifies the growing complexity of caring for senior loved ones. We simplify care by creating both short and long term care plans with the senior and family. We simplify care through a Team approach, putting a vast array of skills and knowledge at your fingertips such as Care Management, Health Care, Family Dynamics & Mediation and Daily Money Management. We engage with you to simplify a ridiculously complex health care system, ease the stress and tension family members might feel and offer expert services in aging and senior care.

Asking for help when you need it is a healthy and positive way to care for your loved one and yourself. Our team of professional consultants and Care Managers work with families whose loved ones require all levels of assistance… from occasional support to complete care management in New Mexico. The promise we deliver every day to you and your family is: to peel away the layers of complexity and emotions to get to the core of what’s required so you feel confident and secure your loved one is safe, vital and happy.

The heart of our services, Monthly Care Management, supports you or a loved one living in New Mexico who is facing any of the following:

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Our licensed, bonded and insured group of professionals offer services especially attractive to those seniors living in New Mexico not ready to give up control of their finances, yet want support to deal with the complexities they now face. The reassurance of reliable, daily money-matter experts will relieve stress, confusion and money mistakes. Our oversight puts fears to rest.
Our Care Managers work with you, your family and the facility’s discharge planner to answer and simplify complex care questions to ensure your needs are met and appropriate services are arranged upon the return home. Studies show that seniors who receive support from a professional Care Manager after they return home have significantly improved medical outcomes and a significant reduction in the likelihood of re-hospitalization.
If you do not live in New Mexico near your loved one, it brings such relief to know our Care Managers are there to assist and carry out your loved one’s (and your) wishes in the event of a health emergency, a decline in physical or mental health or the onset of a chronic illness.
The care of a senior relative can cause conflict among those who love them. If your family is in disagreement about the path to take, professional mediation and conflict resolution will enable you to find an acceptable solution for all. In cases of significant conflict, our Family Mediation services provide an excellent, less stressful alternative to costly court-related litigation.

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They took a very complicated and potentially explosive personal injury case with conflicting family dynamics and mediated effectively. They were able to bring calmness to total chaos. This resulted in not only meeting with clients’ needs but also creating a workable situation for the professionals involved.

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